The Journey Begins

WELCOME, one and all, to The Avid Indoorsmen!

This is a brand new podcast that we’re launching together to help share our love of film. Each week, we’ll be focusing on a single movie, breaking down the movie for you and adding in our own flair and humor.

We’re launching today with two podcasts, one introductory podcast (listen here on Soundcloud), and our first episode which breaks down The 40 Year Old Virgin (listen here on Soundcloud).

We’re working to secure wide distribution for The Avid Indoorsmen. Soon you’ll see our show available where-ever you podcast. But for the short-term, you can always find our podcast on Soundcloud and Spreaker. Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher will have the podcast available as soon as these platforms having completed their review of The Avid Indoorsmen.

If you’re looking for updates, we really encourage to stay in touch with us on social media and to sign up for our FREE newsletter, which will go out whenever we release a podcast.

Drop us a comment below. We want to hear from you!

Rob & Buegs