Buegs’ 365 movies in 2019 (365 Movies in 365 Days)

Hello Indoorsies!!

So, I have a secret.   Well, I’ve shared this secret a few times on the podcast but...never outright said it I don’t think.    Anyhow...my secret is that I’m trying to watch a movie every single day in 2019!!!

I have been a little bit shy about sharing this because in the past I’ve thought about trying and fallen short.   But we’re at 154 days into the year and I’ve seen 144 movies so far this year sooooo I think I’m far enough into it to talk about it more!    

And so, we are going to launch our recurring content that is:  Buegs’ 365 movies in 2019 (Clever name, right???)

So, what did I watch this week?  Good question!

Jackie Brown - The week started with the latest movie in our Inglorious Podcasts binge.   You can check out the upcoming podcast for my full take on this, but one thing I feel comfortable sharing is that Tarantino movies are never boring!   And this one was fun because it was another one of his that I’d never seen before. Also, as a fun aside and something that I’d never done before I watched this movie in the parking lot of AMC and then immediately went in to see the next movie on the list.   I mean that is COMMITMENT!!

Longshot - This is a new movie in theaters now with Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron.   The scoop is that Charlize Theron is the Secretary of State and is looking for a writer to make her seem funnier to focus groups.  And as luck may have it, Seth Rogan IS a writer, is free, and these two know each other from when they were kids! Hilarity and some tender moments  ensue. If you like a slightly raunchy Rom-Com, then this could be for you!

There’s Something About Mary  - An absolute classic comedy with Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.   I LOVE THIS MOVIE. We may do a full podcast on it at some point, so I’m keeping my hot takes to myself!  SO THERE!!

Never Been Kissed  - I had somehow never seen this Rom-Com and Drew Barrymore did not disappoint!   A bit of a strange conceit that coincidentally also seems...generously borrowed from  the 1985 film “Just One of the Guys” In this film Barrymore plays a copy editor that goes back to high school to try and write an exposè.   You have to throw logic out the window a fair bit (even for a Rom-Com) but I still really enjoyed it!

Maze Runner: Death Cure - This movie right here is a prime example of the type of movies you sometimes watch when you’re trying to see 365 movies in a year.    I’d seen the other two and this was on HBO-Go so I just thought...why not? And the bottom line of this movie is that it was pretty fun!   It tries to have a depth that it doesn’t quite pull off, but there’s some good action scenes and fun characters. Definitely worth checking out the series if you have any interest in teen dramas!

Game Night - This fun romp has a cavalcade of great actors including: Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, Kyle Chandler, Lamorn Morris, Sharon Horgan, Kylie Bunbury, and MORE!    It’s a good movie with lots of laughs to be had. Check it out if you love Jason Bateman as much as I do!

Signs -  I hadn’t ever seen this Shyamalan movie before, but it sure is something!   I can’t really discuss without having spoilers, but it’s an interesting film that’s definitely worth a watch!

Booksmart - The Directorial debut  of Olivia Wilde is EXCELLENT.   I really loved this movie and the two leads, Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein, are increeeeeedibly funny and loveable.   If you enjoyed movies like Superbad or Bridesmaids then you’re gonna love this movie just like I do! I hope all these ladies get together and make many more movies together!!!   

Always Be My Maybe - A Netflix new release that really shows that they’ve really cornered the market on great Rom-Com’s.  Ali Wong and Randall Park absolutely bring it in this movie. It’s so fun, so touching, and so beautiful!  One of my favorite parts of this movie is the way people of color and women have felt so empowered by it! And I must say that this movie felt like a breath of fresh air in a year with not a ton of great Rom-Com’s!   Rob said I can’t talk about this any more than that...so I’ll talk to you guys next week!!

Benjamin Haley