Buegs’ 365 movies in 2019 (365 Movies in 356 Days) Day 210

Hello!!   It’s day 210 and I’ve watched 200 movies!! 

Making my way through the summer!! 

Tombstone - I hadn’t seen very many Kurt Russell movies for The Hateful Eight podcast we did and so I decided to see this movie which was a big hole in my repertoire!  I like this movie quite a lot! It had some moments of silliness and whatnot, but overall it was pretty fun! Kurt Russell is a bonafide BA in it and Val Kilmer is just incredible.  Was fun to see where several pop culture references came from (“I’ll be your huckleberry”).   

Stuber - A fresh new take on a buddy cop movie, this one features the RED HOT Kumail Nanjiani (a comedian from such shows as Silicon Valley and his hit movie The Big Sick) and Marvel’s own David Bautista.   These two were REALLY funny together and I wish more people would have seen this movie. Kumail is really understatedly funny and Bautista continues to amaze with his acting chops. If you like irreverent comedy with some action sprinkled in, check this one out! 

Mystic Pizza - I had never seen this coming of age story of 3 young women working in a pizza place and frankly I have no idea why!   I really liked the story and the three leads (Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, and Lilli Taylor) are GREAT! Learning about life, love, commitment, and fear are all covered so eloquently and elegantly it’s no surprise that this is a classic.   Also, a supporting part for Vincent D’Onofrio is particularly enjoyable.  

Murder Mystery - This film is the latest in line of Adam Sandler films with Netflix.  And to be honest, it’s not that wildly different from any of the previous films. It’s entertainment that a wide age range will enjoy and even if people don’t love it almost no one is going to completely detest it.   Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are both funny and enjoyable in this romp. It’s worth a gander!  

The Davinci Code - The movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s book is one of my favs!   I hadn’t seen it in quite some time, but Hanks’ performance holds up well (as do most of his performances) and the mysterious path of this movie is still fun to relive even if you know the destination!  I love puzzles and I remember reading this book and being completely enrapt by the story. So, if you’ve missed this one somehow, make sure to go check it out today!   

Rocketman - I ventured out to see this Elton John biopic in the theater and it was a bit of a mixed bag.  It’s definitely weirder than what I thought was it’s spiritual predecessor “Bohemian Rhapsody” but it still brings a lot of fun.  I think that most everyone would agree that the brilliance of the movie is in Elton and Bernie’s music. So many wonderful tunes!   I’ve liked Taron Egerton in pretty much every single movie he’s been in thus far and this one doesn’t break the mold. I thought he was great, but the pacing and overall choices of the movie leaves me wanting.  The scenes with his parents are particularly hard to watch, but if you like the music at all and are ok with a more serious biopic, you should go for it!  

Benjamin Haley