Buegs’ 365 movies in 2019 (365 Movies in 365 Days) Day 217

Hello!!   It’s day 217 and I’ve watched 210 movies!! 

Pineapple Express - It had been a LONG time since I’d seen this movie and I really REALLY liked it!   It’s a goofy look at the lives of a Process Server (Seth Rogen) and his drug dealer (James Franco) as they get caught up in some nefarious activity of a local Drug Czar (Gary Cole).   If you love irreverent comedy, then you’re certain to enjoy this iteration in Rogen and Franco’s filmography. There’s lots of dick jokes, lots of swearing, and LOTS of smoking weed.   All in all, a GOOD TIME! 

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark -  I know I said it was a LONG time since I’d seen Pineapple Express, but this one had been even longer!   It was such a delight to go back to such an iconic Harrison Ford performance. He really shows off why people thought (and continue to think) that he was an A-List Hollywood Actor full of coolness and rugged good looks!   I mean, a movie where he is avoiding traps, solving ancient puzzles, and kicking the butts of bad guys is sweet enough, but then add in that he’s defeating the Nazi’s? Sign me up!!   

Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom -  The first one was such a fun trip down memory lane, that I decided to go ahead and watch the sequel!   Fun fact: this is actually a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark! This one is still fun...but it’s more of a fever dream wrapped in an acid trip sort of fun!    Ancient villages, dark rituals, and the return of darkness to the land represents another opportunity for our good friend Indiana to try and save the day. And save the day, he certainly does.   All while freeing the children of the village and getting a smooch or two from a beautiful and talented lady (Cate Capshaw)! 

Good Luck Chuck - Now this movie is a strange one.   Chuck (Dane Cook) has been cursed by a childhood girl after rebuking her advances in a “Seven Minutes in Heaven” situation.   All his life he is cursed with the women he dates finding the love of their lives and getting married immediately after Cook and the ladies break up.   For a while, he realizes that this isn’t all bad and goes on an absolutely torrid string of scandalous behaviors. But, eventually, he falls for Cam (Jessica Alba) and her klutzy ways.   Hilarity ensues and he almost screws it up but SPOILER ALERT: he doesn’t! Why did I just spell out the whole movie for you? Well, it’s a bit misogynistic and overall a solid C+ even from a guy like me that likes everything...so you can probably just skip it!   

Wanted - My recap this week ends with a movie that I had a ton of fun watching!  I never realized that this had so many iconic pop culture references in it.   From James McAvoy sweating, to bending the bullets, and finally a VERY NSFW reference that ABSOLUTELY CONTAINS SPOILERS.   It was strange to hear McAvoy with an American accent, but he was absolutely great in this film and the rest of the star studded cast followed suit!   Highlights include: Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Common, Chris Pratt, and Terrence Stamp! If you are looking for an exciting action flick to get you through the week, then definitely give this one a shot!   

That’s all for this week!!  Keep on keeping on friends, and we’ll talk soon!!   

<3 Buegs <3

Benjamin Haley